Mission statement

To identify, develop, and promulgate principles and practices for best accounting in the public sector.


IPSAR has school, university-wide, and international links. It is a vehicle for the promotion of qualitative, interdisciplinary research in international public sector accounting research. It is a resource for school-wide researchers and beyond who are interested in public sector issues. We offer a series of research workshops for school, university, national, and international scholars.

IPSAR is aligned with five research entities:

  • The European Institute of Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM), Brussels
  • The SKAPE Research Centre in the School of Social and Political Science at the University of Edinburgh
  • The Centre for Service Excellence (CenSE) at the University of Edinburgh Business School
  • The Culture, Accounting and Society Research Network (CAS) at the University of Edinburgh Business School
  • The Centre for Not for Profit and Public-sector Research (CNPR) at the Management School, Queen’s University, Belfast

The Director of IPSAR is a Faculty Member of EIASM, a member of SKAPE, CenSE, and the APCRN, and an Honorary Professor at Queen’s University, Belfast.

These strategic alignments enhance the interdisciplinary focus of IPSAR. The EIASM has a long-standing role in the promotion of interdisciplinary research. SKAPE, CenSE, and the APCRN have an interdisciplinary focus. The CNPR at Queen’s offers involvement across the different subject specialists in the Management School.