There are four dimensions to IPSAR dissemination practices.

The Leading International Research Journal

IPSAR hosts the leading international research journal in public sector accounting, Financial Accountability and Management (Wiley) which is edited by Irvine Lapsley (University of Edinburgh Business School) and Ileana Steccolini (University of Essex).

New Thinking Group Seminars

IPSAR also organises the New Thinking Group (NTG) seminars, which are chaired by David Hatherly and Irvine Lapsley (University of Edinburgh Business School). These seminars are interdisciplinary and focus on contemporary issues with a public policy dimension. They offer a platform for researchers and visitors to the Business School, researchers within the University of Edinburgh’s College of Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences, and beyond to present interdisciplinary research.

EIASM Public Sector Conference

The Director of IPSAR is Chair of the Scientific Committee of the European Institute of Studies in Academic Management (EIASM) Public Sector Conference. This is an international event with participants from Europe, Australia, Japan, US, and Canada. The next EIASM Public Sector Conference was scheduled to be held in Belfast in September 2020 but has been delayed until September 2021 because of COVID-19. The 2022 EIASM Public Sector conference will be held in Madrid. Previously this conference has been held in Lund (2018), Lisbon (2016), Edinburgh (2014), Milan (2012), Copenhagen (2010), Amsterdam (2008), Siena (2006), Oslo (2004), Dublin (2002) and Zaragoza (2000).

EIASM Third Sector Research Workshop

The Director of IPSAR is a co-chair, with Marc Jegers (Free University of Brussels) and Bernd Helmig (Mannheim) of the EIASM Third Sector Workshop. Its focus is on the management challenges of non-profit organisations. In June 2021 this will be held at Aberdeen University. This workshop has previously been held in Brussels (1999 and 2001), Belfast (2003), Venice (2005), Fribourg (2007), Nantes (2009), Galway (2011), Lund (2013), Edinburgh (2015), Queen’s University Belfast (2017) and Trondheim (2019).